A Blast from the Past! Age of Zombies


Age of Zombies, a free-to-play smash-hit top-down shooter created by Halfbrick Studios, is out on OUYA since June.

Age of Zombies Ouya

A huge success on mobile platforms and PS Vita, Age of Zombies takes players on an action-packed journey through space and time as they hunt the zombie hordes of Professor Brains and try to save humanity from undead-based annihilation.

Players take on the role of Barry Steakfries, who is quick with a joke and faster still with a trigger. Using nothing but his guile, natural athletic ability, and a staggering array of high-powered weaponry, Barry faces off against shambling hordes and powerful boss-zombies in six unique periods of history, from ancient Egypt to feudal Japan and the Wild West.

Age of Zombies’ fast-paced run-and-gun gameplay and irreverent humor have made the game a fan favorite, and the OUYA version marks the first time that the game will be available for set-top consoles.

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