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In summer 2014 OUYA and Pixowl issued The Sandbox – a game that promises players the power to build their own world pixel by pixel.

the sandbox

Originally launched in May 2012 for iOS and Android, The Sandbox has been downloaded 10 million times, with over 1.5 million players building and destroying worlds every month – and it all seemed fine. As apprentice gods, players could create a world of their own with materials ranging from simple dirt and rock to abstract concepts like void, constructing complex machinery, pixel art, chiptune music, advanced contraptions and more. The only goal: to destroy it all.

While the Sandbox basically had been released as a free-to-play mobile game, it also contained in-game purchases, which didn’t seem stop players to explore the game in full. Yet, since the its update for Android 5.0 in January 2015, more and more users have started to complain, reporting lost user profiles and game achievements, bugs, and crashes affecting the whole android system on their device – recently leading to numerous one-star-ratings in the play store.

The game’s OUYA version could have fixed these issues, enhancing gameplay further. But has it really? Check out this detailed review by Hardcoregamer to see what has changed for The Sandbox on OUYA:

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