What’s Going ON in 2016’s Indie Games? Evil Bunnylords and – NOT Heroes?


If you survive this trailer, you can even play this game! It is an Indie Game and we don’t know what the hell is actually going on here!

2016 Indie Games - NOT a Hero!
Watch out! Crazy gameplay!

Roll7 (OlliOlli) and Devolver Digital have announced their latest indie cover-based political satire shooter Not A Hero – with a big blast. The retro game will be available on PS4 starting February 2nd – including „helicopters“ and „shitting wonderbats“. So be prepared!

Not A Hero follows professional assassin-turned-amateur campaign manager, Steve, who is charged with cleaning up the city by a time-traveling rabbit named BunnyLord. (How cool ist that!) And being a professional, Steve goes about his task just as “lean, brutal” and “relentless” as you might expect from a NOT-Hero in a proper indie shooter.

To eliminate the criminal underworld of the city’s three major districts and – of course – to persuade undecided voters to his cause, Steve and his expanding roster of dubious heroes go to great lenghts. Fortunately their unique skills to „shoot, slide, dive and take cover“ are of great help when tackling the issues that matter most.

We are not sure where the above mentioned „wonderbats“ fit in – but: see for yourselves:

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