Steam-Dreams About Cool Indie Games: Secret Ponchos – Most Wanted


The guys at Vancouver-based independent studio Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment have announced to bring their cool Spaghetti Western indie game called Secret Ponchos to Steam. The title had launched on PS4 in early 2015.

Canadian indie games secret ponchos- a spaghetti western

Following its successful PS4 launch, this new and expanded Spaghetti Western-themed PvP shooter Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted, will find its way onto PCs soon. New content, new game modes, updated gameplay and a crew of new playable characters will be riding onto Steam on September 29th.

With 10 unique playable outlaws the game is mercilessly competitive, forcing players to rely on hair-trigger reflexes. Precision shooting, and split-second decisions are needed to survive in the arenas. Lone-wolf duelists can take on others in 1v1 showdowns, while team players can form their own outlaw gangs and combine their powers to establish dominance over the brutal town of Lonetree.

Each outlaw has a unique look and playstyle. Secret Ponchos however does not reward run-and-gun recklessness! Strategy and timing are as much needed as superb reflexes in order to survive.

Canadian indie games secret ponchos- a spaghetti western

Secret Ponchos will feature a new single-player Practice Mode in which players can improve their skills. Plus the team has produced five unique and fully fleshed-out new characters, three of which will be available exclusively on PC.

Newly released concept art of this new Canadian indie game is living proof of the studio’s a most detailed and artistic style and craftsmanship. Something to look forward to.

Canadian indie games secret ponchos- a spaghetti western Canadian indie games secret ponchos- a spaghetti western

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