There’s a Puzzler: Let’s Play Cat And Mouse in MouseCraft


Very funny: OUYA and Crunching Koalas have issued MouseCraft, an A-to-B puzzlere of cat and mouse that features defininte aspects of Tetris combined with Lemmings.

This game is a fine mix of resource management, part geometric brain-teasing, and all colorful and original puzzling.

Usually, the mice will only play, when the cat’s away – but with the cantankerous cat scientist Dr. Schrodinger on the case, these mice here will do a good deal more.

Funny Indie Puzzler MouseCraft Funny Indie Puzzler MouseCraft

Bounding across jellied platforms, skipping nimbly over explosive obstacles, and above all, finally sniffing their way to the cheese – the way mice do. Your job in MouseCraft, is to guide three blind mice across perilous pathways rife with sinister traps – flames, electricity, murderous mechanical rats, and more. To achieve this you will need to strategically place tetronimos and guide the mice along. Some quick thinking and solid spatial reasoning is required to usher the rodents safely to the cheese instead of crushing them under your bricks and turning them into faded mice-ghosts.

MouseCraft features 80 dynamic levels bristling with hazards, 7 different types of Tetris blocks (including jiggling jelly, dangerous dynamite, and everything in between), and even a level editor – if you are feeling creative with your own gauntlets of mouse-peril.

With its cartoonish art style, its quippy, tongue-in-cheek dialogue and its infinitely customizable gameplay, MouseCraft is a funny puzzler that should delight rodent sadists and saviors alike, and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, on Steam,, Humble Store, for PS4, PS3, PS Vita and Ouya.

The game has been awarded

  • „Digital Dragons: Best indie game made with Unity 3d“, Cracov, May 2014
  • „Pixel Heaven 2013: Indie Basement 3rd place“ Warsaw, June 2013
  • „Octgamerfest! 3rd place“ October 2013
  • „Casual Connect: Indie Showcase Participant“ Hamburg, March 2013
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