Upgrading Glen or Where Are My Bloody Jackets in TWD Road to Survival?


What the hell! I am finally able to upgrade my level-40-Glenn and now this! I need two more bloody jackets! This will keep today’s post a very short one.

Now I’m not talking British slang here, I REALLY NEED TWO BLOODY JACKETS as in „trenched in blood.“ This has caught me completely off guard and now I’m kind of stuck in this stupid area, where a bunch of enemies and crazy fast zombies keep killing me off in round three or four.

TWD Road to Survival
Items for upgrading Glen: 132,000 Campbell’s Tomato Soup cans!

Upgrading Glenn could really help here, as he is a team leader and can deliver essential buffs (that is nerd talk for „increase attack or defense“) to reduce incoming hits on my team and even strengthen the other’s attacks. He really is excellent and therefor was the first team leader I started to upgrade right from the start. His Adrenaline Rush is now level 4 or 5, mainly because I used characters with the same personality to level up Glenn. More nerd talk here: I mean, I used other peacekeepers (with the peace symbol) to level up Glenn. I admit that at first I gave him the most attention because I simply like Glenn, but after his Adrenaline Rush had reached level 4 or so, I found out he has more qualities than meets the eye.

His AR can massively reduce incoming damage and increase fighting abilities for the entire squad. So the whole team actually benefits from his enhanced strenght and if you eliminate all enemies in the current wave after one of Glenn’s ARs without using all your moves, you can get an additional free AR turn. The jacket is rare and can mainly be found in areas from The Woods (Fence) onwards (areas: 8-3/12-3/12-4).

And that’s where I will set off to now, to find my two bloody jackets! Fare thee well!

News flash – three months later: Glenn has been leveled to the max since … weeks ago. And guess what. Now I’m stuck in this area # 15 and whenever I replay previous sections I KEEP FINDING MORE BLOODY JACKETS THAN I WILL EVER (!!!!) NEED. Now, I need 4 (FOUR!) gas stoves and even more stuff that is obviously only available in special missions. F***! This game is good.

(Original entry: Oct. 17th 2015 – now updated)

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