JASON is Back! Almost: Kickstart FRIDAY THE 13th And Make Horror History


If you dwell in nightmares, it might just be your favourite dream to become a part of this horror story: Friday the 13th is back and has launched a Kickstarter to make JASON VOORHEES etenally famous in FRIDAY THE 13th: THE GAME!

Friday the 13th Kickstarter

The campaign has 10 more days to go and has currently reached 84% of its funding goal. Gun Media, IllFonic and Crystal Lake Entertainment have pitched a rather moderate sum of 700,000 US$ and chances are hight they might reach their goal. Several ‘stretch goals’ have been announced, including a potential guest appearance for fans as Pamela Voorhees. Developers also announced the return of Tommy Jarvis and a litany of kills hand-designed by American actor, stuntman, director, and award-winning special make-up effects creator Thomas Vincent „Tom“ Savini – who also worked on the original 1980s movie and a number of other famous horror films.

It comes as no big surprise that fan support of Jason’s return has been high. The launch trailer has counted about 1.2 million views so far and the team is highly confident that they will suceed in bringing Jason to life on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Friday the 13th Kickstarter

The development team already had collaborated on the survival horror-themed game Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp and has plans to integrate much of that design into the new Friday the 13th game. Their goal: to deliver a terrifying combination of game features and various elements of the Friday the 13th franchise.

“Friday the 13th: The Game was a dream come true for our entire team” said Ronnie Hobbs, of Gun Media who also stated that the studio is anxious to share their creation with fans across the world.

Friday the 13th was the 18th highest grossing film in 1980.

The Friday the 13th movie had been launched 35 years ago. It opened theatrically on 9 May 1980 across the USA. On its opening weekend the film took in more than $5.8 Million and reached $39,754,601 before finishing on the US market. According to Sean S. Cunningham, creator of the Friday the 13th franchise, “technology has finally reached a level that allows us to produce an experience fans of the franchise deserve.“

Friday the 13th: The Game has been announced for release in Fall, 2016. Wanna fund? Go: kickstarter.com

Friday the 13th Kickstarter Friday the 13th Kickstarter Friday the 13th Kickstarter

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