Beat-Em-Up! Lost Castle – A Dark Comedy Indie Action RPG


Lost Castle is a new action RPG beat-em-up that you will definitely love for its roguelike elements and humour: Deadly minions, carnage and hilarious action, frog-monsters and dangerous dragons are waiting at Castle Harwood to be defeated by you – or to get you!

steam release for funny action rpg lost castle: 9-2016

Lost Castle will officially launch on Steam on September 1, 2016 and has already sold nearly 130,000 copies during early access. The game pits players against deadly foes inside Castle Harwood in a dynamically challenging and procedurally-generated dungeon showdown. The castle, once filled with treasure and nobles, has become overrun with hellish demons. While Treasure Hunters roam the various rooms, laughs and hilarious action throughout are guaranteed.

In Lost Castle, you are not just looking for loot and fame – you will also face „perma-death“ (oh my)! Over 270 possible weapons will (possibly) help you to succeed in your quests, while armor and items (including diarrhea-causing potions!) will support you to fight off evil and imminent death. Even a fail is not all bad in this action RPG! After an unsuccessful quest you can use the souls of fallen enemies to upgrade the party of Treasure Hunters, hopefully making them luckier next time.

Fight Frogs in Co-op Mode

Lost Castle supports two player online or local co-op play, so you can fight together as a team to defeat your enemies. According to Iain Garner, Global Developer Relations and Marketing Director at Another Indie Studio, Lost Castle’s roguelike gameplay pacing differs from current trends, as the game prioritizes „real-time strategy action over twitch-based reaction times“. It also stands out visually – because of its hand-drawn graphics.

The dark comedy of action RPGs, Lost Castle, will be available for digital download on Steam and the Humble Bundle Store early September.

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