Blade and Soul Artwork and Customization – Why This Game is Worth Mentioning


Within just a few days of its launch, Blade and Soul has cracked the one-million-mark in Europe and Northamerica. These screenshots show, why this free-2-play game is at least worth a peek:

Cosplayers will love this:

Detailed customizations of hair styles, facial structures, eye color, height, and body sliders, armour, weapons and costumes bring in a vast variety of character design.

In a 2011 Chinese interview, Hyung-Tae Kim, Art Director of Blade and Soul, talked about the early stage of developing the game’s design and explained his vision of the four races:

„We’ve tried very hard to show the perks of each race from its physical appearance. Jins were designed to show idealistic beauty of the Human Race. As for the Gons they were made with more mature taste, strong male and sexy female. Unlike the Gon and the Jin we’ve had a lot of problems designing the Kun and the Lyn. For the Kuns we wanted to express the beauty that was beyond the human race, a beauty unlike this world and more of a unique beauty. Lyns we wanted to show the ultimate cuteness with this race, but nothing of niche cuteness but more likeable whether you are male or female.“

The original storyline of Blade and Soul revolves around a female swordsman named Alka who travels to seek revenge for her murdered teacher. The anime was streamed by Crunchyroll in the West. The western edtion is based on the Korean game-design and the anime that aired in April 2014.

To install Blade and Soul, go to

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