Don’t Hold Your Fire! Hard West is Coming to PCs This November


This tactical turn-based western made game by Warsaw-based studio CreativeForge Games and Gambitious Digital Entertainment might well be worth a prolongued wait: Hard West.


This week game developers at CreativeForge announced that their latest game, Hard West, was going to take some more time until its final publication. The release daten has been pushed back to give developers more space for additional finishing touches and fine-tuning.

A first glance it seems this might be worth it. A specific retro style game design, dark and atmospheric imagery and some great artwork seems to set high standards for the game’s release in mid-November. The protagonist, Warren, is on his descent into the darkest recesses of the human soul after having made a deal with the devil. In an initial gameplay video of Hard West he turned out a pretty bad shot. His demise and final move to the underworld, or might we say – the world of undead western heroes – is something he had coming and actually a move that he really benefints from (brandnew existence / new healing powers / improved shooting).

40 missions have been announced during which (as Warren) you will have to fight henchmen, cultists, and even cannibals – yes, you heard me. During your quest for vengeance (to revenge the death of your mother, your greatest love and possibly yourself) you will uncover the plans of ancient powers and make some difficult choices that resonate throughout your journey.

Card games play an essential role in this game obviously, as they stand at the very beginning of your road to hell. So you will also collect and combine poker cards to craft your special abilities. An eclectic collection of firearms is another must-have in this game.

A cool 3rd-person storytelling voice and and great writing devised by Haris Orkin (Company of Heroes 2, Dying Light and Call of Juarez series) will be underlined by an original score composed by Marcin Przybyłowicz (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt).

Be prepared for some hard choices and even harder consequences and rest assured: That’s what you get for dealing with the devil. And don’t kid yourself: Hard West is coming November 18th.

Until then – watch the first glance gameplay trailer:

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