Loadout Release Date Announced For PlayStation 4


Let Crazed Gunmen Run Free on PlayStation starting December 16, 2014!

Loadout release date ps4 Dec 16, 2014

Edge of Reality has announced their LOADOUT Release Date for PS4: The fast-paced free-to-play action shooter with more weapons than there are people on Earth, will launch on December 16, 2014. The multiplayer shooter has been featuring bombastic humor, deep customization, and billions of weapon combinations and glorious mayhem on PCs for some time now. Come mid-week, PS4-player will be able to join in the hunt for shiny blue rocks while running around in weird costumes an causing mayhem.

To celebrate the impending release of LOADOUT on the PlayStation Network, a new trailer has been released to remind the world what this game is all about: finding increasingly lunatic ways to get into fights.

The launch of Loadout for PS4 will bring along all of the volatile projectiles, majestically soaring entrails, and mature humor that gamers have come to love since the game’s launch earlier this year on PC. Furthermore the PS4 debut will mark the launch of the game’s new co-op Campaign mode, where gamers must temporarily stop slaughtering one another and turn their enthusiastic violence towards a common enemy: LOADOUT players will find themselves up against the fearsome, heavily armed Kroad, an alien race bent on taking away our very nicest shiny rocks…

To learn more about Loadout, visit http://www.loadout.com

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