New Among Casual Mobile Games: Flower Defense Game Plant Panic


Defend your Flowers! Plant Panic is a new Flower Defense game – yes you heard correctly – and it’s out on mobile devices now!

Casual mobile Games

Save the flowers on iOS and Android in this new casual action-strategy game.

Plant Panic is an arcade action-strategy game directed to casual players of all ages. You will have to defend a plant against insects and other animals while it germinates form a seed till it blooms. With support from a frog and chameleon you can get additional tools to defend the plants. And do not forget to take care of the friendly bees as they are necessary to grow the plant.

The game consists of 25 levels (5 sceneries and 5 different flowers) Eleven different kind of enemies, each with their own behavior, will challenge you while trying to prevent the growth of your plants. Friendly supporters are Bees, Frogs and Chameleons. Its cutting edge Unity 3D engine provides the best possible and realistic 3D art available among casual mobile games.

Plant Panic Website

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