PlunderNauts Are Out to Loot ’n Shoot the Galaxy


Backflip Studios has landed PlunderNauts on iOS App Store as a free download.

With an unprecedented rate of explosions-per-second, the game combines skill-based gameplay and intuitive controls with a deep loot-system and customizable starships.

plundernauts mobile game

PlunderNauts developed by LightBox Interactive is the first title published by Backflip under its new publishing arm. It is free-to-play with optional in-app purchases.

As captain of your newly acquired starship, you set sail across a universe filled with alien pirates, epic battles, endless upgrades and treasures untold. The combat is fast-paced, perfectly suited for mobile devices, and explosively fun. Pulverizing space pirates never felt so good! Polly, a robotic bird programmed with the trade routes of every galaxy, guides you along your journey. She fills your head with tales of the legendary robo-pirate IronBeard and his unimaginable wealth just waiting to be plundered.

“The team and I wanted to develop a mobile game for quite some time, but it was crucial that we deliver that same energy and excitement we loved from our past console action games,” said Dylan Jobe, President of LightBox Interactive. “PlunderNauts is that game and we’re stoked to finally release it globally. It’s fast and fun, and the game design allows players to get a quick-fix of epic-space-battle-action or deep-dive into strategy, upgrades, collecting and crafting.”

PlunderNauts features a unique style of space combat with intuitive touch control:

  • command and customize your starship and crew,
  • plunder planets and hoard their treasures,
  • collect loot to craft more powerful weapons and upgrades,
  • build a vast fleet of starships,
  • navigate wormholes to explore distant galaxies,
  • launch fighters to swarm your enemies, or
  • crush your adversaries with cannons, lasers, torpedoes & more…

You can also join your fellow space pirates and be part of the PlunderNauts community on Facebookand Twitter.

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