Prepare for battle! King: The MMORPG


King: The MMORPG is an action packed adventure set in a fantasy world marred by civil war.

Available on Google Play and the App Store it is filled with vibrant medieval and magical fantasy-inspired anime art. Players must choose their side of the conflict and battle for control of the demon-ridden country of Kandar.


The Sun Alliance and Flame Empire are locked in a centuries old war over the kingdom of Kandar, and their once beloved home has been overrun by fearsome monsters. Players can choose one of four initial classes and team up with friends to defeat their rivals in a brand new mobile multiplayer world. Mages wield the power of ice and fire, warriors attack with brute force, clerics use sorcery in offense and defense, and archers strike from afar with deadly accuracy.

This MMORPG allows players to…

  • explore the vibrant world of Kandar with fantastical enemies and environments,
  • customize their character with hundreds of different options and upgrades and tailor skills based on the battle at hand,
  • choose a class that fits their play style,
  • take control of their fighter as they progress or use auto combat to power up faster, and
  • connect with friends using unique social and guild mechanics and in-game chat.

With both PvP and PvE combat, King: The MMORPG offers multiple ways to take down enemies, absorb their souls, gain their powers, and help your faction seize power over all of Kandar.

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