Tales Of Honor: The Secret Fleet – Space-Combat Game Officially Arrives on Android


Tales of Honor Secret FleetEvergreen Studios has launched Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet for Android, – the game is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Previously released on iOS, the space-combat strategy game is part of Evergreen’s Tales of Honor storyworld, based on David Weber’s military sci-fi Honor Harrington novels.

Weekly online live events had been kicking off with the Android release during which players were challenged to complete difficult quests to find super rare and legendary loot. These event-exclusive items helped to equip the ship’s offensive and defensive systems against enemy ambush and to level up the ship’s crew.


Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet is divided into five modes:

  • Starship combat: Players actively manage combat by firing missiles and defensive weapons, shifting the ship’s orientation to utilize impeller wedges, and repairing damaged systems on the fly.
  • Damage repair: Players shift between the ship’s systems to put out fires, and save components, conduits, and the crews’ lives.
  • Upgrading systems, components, and officers: Players must use resources obtained via successful encounters to level up systems, install components, and promote crew members from rookies to masters.
  • Exploration and story progression: Challenging Story Missions unravel the game’s main plot line. Sub missions allow players to embark on random encounters within Star Systems to gather resources to aid in quests and upgrade the ship.
  • Live events: These never-before-seen special missions are now available for the first time on Android!

The game’s release on Android arrived on the heels of the 32rd Annual Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention, BayCon 2014, in Santa Clara, California. David Weber and the Royal Manticoran Navy, the official Honor Harrington fan association, were this year’s guests of honor.

“We have been absolutely delighted with the response to the initial launch of The Secret Fleet from both fans and newcomers to the Honorverse.” said Richard Browne, EVP of Interactive and Gaming for Evergreen Studios. “The launch of the Android game is just the next step in expanding its reach, we will continue to add richness to it through regular updates and whole new experiences beyond.“

Also coming soon is the third issue of Tales of Honor: On Basilisk Station, the successful Honorverse comic series published by Top Cow, which hit stores and comixology.com this year in June.

For more information on the Tales of Honor storyworld, comic books and interviews with the creative team, please visit www.tales-of-honor.com

Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet is available for free on Google Play.

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